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Scribenet has written for HubPages for a few years now. Her Hubs range from Science, Nature, Women, Pets, Plants and  Emotional Well Being. Once in awhile she has some fun and writes about the humorous side of life.

Some of her passions include being an amateur naturalist, reading,researching, constantly taking notes, photos and writing about it all... oh yes and a new/old passion of art and drawing that is beginning to take shape with computer drawing/painting software, reviving a long, lost ambition to learn the craft and develop a style of her own.

In short, If a subject is unusual or adds a new wrinkle to an old subject all the better! Scribenet's nose is in it much like her avatar and faithful "real-life" cat who graces these pages and shares her sense of keen curiosity.

If you would like to write for HubPages...click the "join now" link in the top right hand corner of this page and become a part of a great community of writers! Scribenet would be pleased to make your acquaintance!  :)


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